Karya Foto Pemenang & Finalis Program Look #1 (Model Photo Shoot) di Event Lightchestra

Foto Terpilih I
“Tatap Optimis”
Maulana Randa

Foto Terpilih II
“Bermandikan Laser”
Hendra Mulya

Foto Finalis
“Pasangan Kompak”
Agung Budi Cahyono

Foto Finalis
“Cool Style in the Ranch”
Akhmad Dody Firmansyah

Foto Finalis
“Laser Shower”
Sudarmanto Edris

Foto Finalis
“Beautiful Light”
Tommy Saputra

Foto Finalis
“Forest & Laser”

Copyright (c) 2012
All Right reserved. No part of this pictures may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording or any another information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from photographer.

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management & school of photography
surapati core blok m32
jl. phh. mustofa 39 bandung
ph. +62-22-87242729 / 70160771
facebook: APC institute & twitter: @airfotonetwork



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